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Training your pet is the most important element when installing a new invisible fence, and you can rest assured that the experts at CT Pet Fence will make sure it’s done right. We’ve been training dogs since 1981 and installing underground pet fences since 1999, and we know this business like the back of our hand.


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Rather than attempt to contain your dog with painful zaps, we use a unique gentle approach that has produced outstanding results. Our training method is so effective that owners need to spend only 5-10 minutes, three times a day during the training period, to teach pets their new boundaries. Dogs love the training because it is painless, fun, upbeat, and comes with lots of tasty treats!

What Will It Feel Like For My Dog?

GentleSteps™ utilizes ultra-low levels of training collar stimulation during the critical initial training phase that leaves your dog happy and secure in the safety of your yard. The barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation are felt as just a tickle, similar to a static discharge from touching a doorknob. This unique soft-touch training method allows Pet Stop® clients to focus on more positive experiences such as
freedom in the yard to run and play

How Long Will The Training Take?

Just like us, each individual pet’s personality and learning curve are different and the pet fencing experts at CT Pet Fence will customize the training experience to what best suits your pet and provide the initial fence training to get you started. Most pets are trained to the fence in less than 2 weeks, and if your pet requires follow-up training, we will assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our GentleSteps™ training.

Ultimate Companion Dog Training

We offer private lessons with the owners and their pets to solve any problems that may be occurring. Phil always brings his dog to work alongside him and your pet to better socialize them and promote greater control during “excitable” situations. Some sessions may include field trips to various active environments like dog parks. Our goal is to provide a solution to better the lives of both you and your pets.

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Gentle Products

When you work with CT Pet Fence you’re working with a company that has always taken great pride in providing the very best professional services and products to our customers. That’s why we’re proud to carry Pet Stop® brand electronic pet fencing products! When it comes to the health and happiness of your beloved pet, we don’t outsource – all of our underground pet fence systems are made right here in America and are constructed of quality, durable materials. Not only are our products guaranteed to last a long time, but they’re also safe and humane, providing effective dog containment without the use of painful zaps.

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