Independent Support and Compatible Products

For All Brands of Pet Containment

Are you the owner of an Invisible Fence® brand system? CT Pet Fence is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding customer support and keeping pets safe – now, we extend the same services to you!


Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence®, we can provide independent support for Invisible Fencing products, and most other electric pet fence systems such as DogWatch®, Dog Guard®, Innotek®, etc. We can repair wire breaks and exposed wires, or provide troubleshooting support and general maintenance.

Contact us today to find out how CT Pet Fence can help keep your Invisible Fence® working properly.

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    Compatible Products

    Our Pet Stop® receiver collars can be programmed to work with Invisible Fence® (as well as other electronic pet fencing brands), and for people who already own an Invisible Fence® underground pet fence system, we have Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and receiver collars.

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